What is Aio and what are you launching?
We're delighted to announce the arrival of Aio. Aio offers a first-class nationwide wireless experience with no annual contract. And we're really excited to bring this new service to value-conscious consumers. We're elevating the space. We're creating a new wireless experience that's defined by a level of service that did not exist in the no-annual contract wireless customer segment: great handsets and tablets, unlimited data, simple plans, affordable prices and a quality, nationwide network.

Are Aio Wireless and Cricket now one?
Not JUST yet. It's going to take some time to bring two brands together. You can rest assured that everything we're doing right now is to make sure it's simple and easy for you. We'll keep you updated and let you know when we have more to share. In the meantime, check out our microsite which will offer more information and answer your questions at: merger-info.aiowireless.com

What does Aio mean?
Aio (pronounced A-O) expresses our brand personality: simply, delightfully, more.

Does Aio stand for All In One?
No. Aio is not an acronym. Aio is based, in part, on the Latin meaning of the word "aio," which means "I say." It also is associated in many languages as a greeting, or a way to say hello. That led to our tagline, "Say hello to Aio... a new way to wireless." 

Who are you trying to reach with Aio's new service?
Aio Wireless is here to serve value-conscious wireless customers who are looking for a first-class nationwide wireless experience at an affordable price, with no-annual contract.

How is Aio different than other wireless service providers?
Aio is providing first-class, unlimited service at a value price  offering great devices (smartphones, feature phones and tablets), a differentiated customer experience, and nationwide talk, text and data service with no annual contract.

We're keeping it simple, with an easy in-store and on-line experience; easy ways to pay in advance with three simple plans that include unlimited nationwide voice, text and data (unlimited data includes a pre-established amount of 4G data access at download speeds of up to 8Mbs per second; the amount varies based on the service plan you choose). All of Aio's phone plans include taxes and fees.  

And we're providing that something extra  from live devices to play with and a children's play area in our stores, to providing customers with the opportunity to bring a compatible, unlocked device for activation on our network.

How much are your service plans? 
We have three great plans for smartphones and feature phones, all with unlimited voice, text and data. Pricing for each plan is related to how much high-speed data it includes, 500MB for $40, 2.5GB for $50, and 5GB for $60. These plans include unlimited data with pre-established amount of 4G data access at download speeds of up to 8Mbs per second  depending on the plan the customer selects  with the only difference among the plans being the amount of high-speed access purchased. If a customer uses up all their high-speed access in a month, they will experience unlimited use of data at reduced speeds that will allow them access to the mobile internet, email and text messaging. We also have a plan that's just $25 for those customers who want great coverage with unlimited talk and text but don't need data.

What products will be available with your service?
Our device lineup includes smartphones, feature phones, and tablets. Customers with compatible, unlocked devices can bring them in for use on our network. We offer devices from Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, ZTE, and other manufacturers at launch.

Does Aio Wireless offer the iPhone in its product lineup?
We offer the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 5c, and 5s.

How many stores does Aio have?
We currently have over 500 stores in 13 markets and plan to continue expanding to additional U.S. cities. Check www.aiowireless.com for store locations.

Where can I purchase Aio's service?
Aio service can be purchased only at Aio stores, in markets where Aio has launched, and online for any customers within our service area. Visit www.aiowireless.com to learn more.

Are Aio's stores company-owned or dealer owned?
All Aio Wireless stores are owned and operated by independent dealers.

How can I become a dealer for Aio Wireless?
Please visit www.aiowireless.com/becomeadealer

Aio's plan pricing includes applicable state and local taxes, and fees. Each unlimited plan includes a pre-established amount of high speed data access, and service is subject to Aio's Terms and Conditions of Service and Unreasonable Use Policy. Coverage and services are not available everywhere. Restrictions apply. 2014 Aio Wireless LLC. All rights reserved. Aio, Aio Wireless and the Aio logo are trademarks of Aio Wireless LLC.