How is Aio Different?

If you could do wireless all over again,
Aio is what you would create.

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Why Choose Aio?

Shop for the latest phones
or bring your own

No annual contracts

Reliable nationwide

Simple plans and
straightforward pricing

The Aio Way

What you've been waiting for. Expect easy activation, a great device and a service that works hard for you.  All at a price that fits your life.
Keep it Simple - We give it to you straight.  Keep it short and sweet, Because you've got better things to do than read between the lines.
An attitude of gratitude - Enthusiastic service and support, flexibility, and perks show we're glad you're with us. Just a few way we say thank you every day.
Spread the love - Lucky to serve your and our community.  We never stop looking for ways to make a differnce and make you smile.

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