Data Speeds

The term "speed" is commonly used as shorthand to describe the capacity at which a particular wireless internet access service can transmit data. This capacity is usually measured in the number of kilobits or megabits that can be transmitted in one second (Kbps or Mbps). Some applications like email or basic web browsing do not require a substantial amount of speed to function optimally, while other activities like transferring large data files can be performed faster with higher-speed services.

Though data speeds vary due to several factors, including those beyond Aio's control, our 4G LTE service currently offers download speeds up to 8 Mbps and our 4G HSPA+ service currently offers download speeds up to a maximum of 4 Mbps.  On our 3G HSPA/UMTS service, typical download speeds range from approximately 700 Kbps up to 1.7 Mbps. Aio does not offer mobile broadband Internet access service in different speed tiers and your data speeds depend on the available serving technology as well as the capabilities of your device.

Our monthly Basic, Smart and Pro plans include unlimited nationwide calling, messaging, and data access. Each plan also includes a specific amount of high speed data access that enables you to browse, download and stream at up to 4G speeds (among other factors, your data speeds will depend on your device type and available coverage (e.g., 3G, 4G)). You can see how much high speed access is included with your plan at

If you run out of high speed data access in a given month, your access speeds will be reduced to a maximum 128 kbps for the remainder of your month of service. But once your next month of service begins, you will once again have access to download speeds up to 4 Mbps on our 4G HSPA+ service or up to 8 Mbps with our LTE service.

Please keep in mind that your use of data is subject to our Unreasonable Use Policy.

To determine how much high speed access in a month is enough for you, consider that one (1) Gigabyte (GB) of data is enough data to send or receive approximately1000 emails with attachments, 500 web page views, 400 Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest posts with pictures, 30 app downloads, 15 hours of streaming music and 5 hours of streaming video each month. 

Plus, keep in mind that Wi-Fi does not count against your high speed access so use the Aio Wi-Fi app to connect your Aio smartphone to Wi-Fi hotspots.

If you find that you have used your allotment of high speed data access and that you need more high speed access before the next month  we have a solution.  You can purchase Aio Gig which gives you an additional 1 GB of high speed access during your current months service cycle for $10.  It is easy. Just log into your my Aio account from your smartphone or online at

To find out how much data you have used, log into your account either from the My Aio app on your smartphone or online at and see how much high speed access has been used during your monthly plan cycle.

We will also give you a heads-up by sending you a reminder by text message when you reach approximately 75% of your high speed data threshold during your monthly plan cycle.